Thursday, May 13, 2010

Montreal and the Penguins

Wow watching last nights games I was sure that Montreal could not win another game 7 on the road, but they did it again and were the better team. Pittsburgh came out so flat in the 1rst period as if they felt they could just show up and win the game. As goal after goal got scored against them there just did not seem to be any urgency. Finally in the second period they started to play like NHL champions and after cutting the lead 4-2 Montreal looked like they were faltering. But both teams played even in the third period, and so Montreal won. As a hockey fan I am exciting on several levels, having a Canadian team in the mix, and having a shot at having 3 of the Original 6 teams in the conference finals, if Boston can beat Philly. However for the growth of hockey for casual and non-fans this was a debacle. No Crosby, No Ovechkin, and a Canadian team means bad ratings for the NHL. Montreal seems to be a team of destiny this year, and I am also glad that a new team will be in the finals, no more RedWings or Penguins, which is also a good thing.

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